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It's not all about me…


…which is why I love being this side of the camera, the side where I can make a difference. I love how the human face and especially the eyes always convey true emotions. Whether it’s your team expressing their inner-thoughts or an audience engaging with your product the truth really will be written all over their faces. It’s my job to make sure that your images resonate positively with your brand.

I take a creative but down to earth approach to all my projects. If warmth and professionalism are king, then authenticity is queen, it’s why I work so hard to make the process an enjoyable and seamless one. The end result is a collection of strong images with genuinely relaxed real people. From confident and approachable headshots to large scale events my passion is capturing emotive images that resonate and connect people with your business.

I am always happy to offer advice and talk through any requirements.


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